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Thomas Kunstler Official Site. Filmmaker artist and stop motion animator.
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University for the Creative Arts,

Surrey, UK.
BA (Hons), Film Production.

Graduated with a 1st honour.



Documentary theories and making.

Music studies and ethnic music research.

Film Photography. Anthropology. Literature.



Italian: Mother Tongue

English, Spanish, Greek: Fluent

French, Portuguese: Learning

Since I was fourteen years old I have been doing clay puppets pose. So my father gave me his old camera, he explained me the basic principle of animation, and a few hours later I came up with my very first short stop-motion video. Ever since I never stopped doing these kind of videos.


A few years later I had the chance to see “The Enigma Kaspar Hauser” movie, by Werner Herzog. Right afterwards I spent entire afternoons just watching his films and documentaries.


As a natural consequence I started getting more and more into remote cultures, with their languages and dialects, as well as their ethnic music and ancestral traditions. These are the reasons why I try to do films: trying to communicate my love for human beings and life in all of its shades.


Thank you for reading.